Textbook Buyback

Another semester is drawing to an end, and winter break is following close behind!  Many students love this time of year, as it offers them an opportunity to visit loved ones at home and enjoy a well earned and relaxing break from the rigors of school!  Unfortunately, winter break also means winter finals!  Start studying ahead of time, and follow the pattern I learned in school… Spend more time learning what will be on the test, than trying to memorize every small detail of the material!  Take it from somebody with several degrees who knows, you won’t retain 100%, or anywhere near it, of what you learn in your classes.  So instead focus on the important parts when preparing for final exams.

And of course, start thinking about textbook buyback.  It’s good to check the prices ahead of time so you know what to expect when it comes time to sell.  But remember, many textbook buyers increase their prices at the end of the semester, but then some also decrease their prices as their is a higher supply at those times.  So keep a watchful eye on the values as we get closer and closer to textbook buyback.  And please, contact us if you have any questions!  

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